Jeopardy CTF on site

On the occasion of the Barbhack Conference the BarbhackCTF will be held. The CTF will be in jeopardy format and will present itself in the form of different attack scenarios, as well as other independent challenges. It will take place from 9pm to 5am and will host 170 participants in teams of 7. Participants will have the chance to attack the different challenges developed by our team.

Concerning the content of the challenges, the participants will be able to work on the following topics:

  • Web
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Operations
  • Forensic
  • Cryptography
  • Hardware
  • St.. And that's it.
Participants are asked to bring their own:
  • - a computer
  • - one RJ45 cable
  • - USB RJ45 adapter if needed